to go online with your business. So the most important thing is to get
good looking domain name. I have planned to write this post after
getting considerable amount of queries about “How can we choose best
domain name”. Anyway here are some ideas to look around when purchasing a
domain name for your business.

Tip 01:
you might have idea about what kind of online stage you are looking to
build. It could be online store, about place (Hotel/restaurant), or
could be personal. So you have idea about the product or service what
you are going to offer. Try to find out some keywords relates to your
product or service. It could be 3 to 5 top keywords. Try to find some
good domain by combining those awesome keywords.By combining you might
find some great brand name for your website as well as for your

Example : Your company name might be XYZ (Pvt) Ltd. But that does not mean you have to take .com domain like
. Because .com is the most popular domain extension and company from
another country which carries the same name might bought before you. You
might have chance to buy .net or .co, But my opinion is don’t try to
purchase or . Because someone might think is same company as
That will spoil both companies.

is why I ask to find out keywords related to your business, and try to
get a domain out of those keywords. That will brand your business more
clearly. Tip 2 explains some other incident which can occur.

Other thing what I need to mention you on this post is , There is no law or regulation on XYZ (Pvt) Ltd must maintain
as the online profile. So you are feel to use any domain. But best if
you can have a domain which can give some impression about your products
or service.  

Tip 02 :   
to get unique domain name.What I mention unique domain is don’t try to
purchase something similar to popular brand. And try to own some plural
or singular version of popular or unpopular web site domain. And be sure
your domain is easy to type, remember as well as easy to pronounce.
(Short is better )

Tip 03 :
is about domain extension. There are many extension types you can buy
these days. .com, .net, .org, .co .info etc.But which is best for you.
There is no special or identical value in the domain extension with SEO
(Search Engine Optimization). But lets go more general. There is no
doubt .com it the popular. When someone  types a website address he
eventually or automatically types .com. So when you are buying domain
name it’s always better to grab domain with .com.

are country specific domain names, like .lk,, or
My feedback on this is if you need to specify your business relates to
specific country then you should move to grab some thing like this. This
types of domains are called ccTLD. There are some other SEO
perspectives regarding ccTLD. I’m not going to specify those since those
are out of the scope for this article.

Tip 4:
Try to research for short domain name. Short domains can easily brand as well as easily memorizing.

Tip 5:
you creating your branded domain name, try to give some meaning about
the product range or service that you would going provide. That will
memorize your domain each and every time user use that name and even he
will introduce some new visitors for your website.

Tip 6:
Do you know you can find the history of the domain which you are planning to buy. Just visit Wayback machine at
and do small search with the domain name your going purchase. If that
domain is previously used then you can get an idea about it’s history.

Note : Most of ccTLD’s are not recorded with this.

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