What does BFF Stands for on facebook

There is a post has been circulating on Facebook saying Mark Zuckerberg has invented a security measurement keyword to identify whether your account has been hacked, That keyword is BFF. So lets see what does BFF stands for on facebook ? 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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Most of the people world widely used  and commented ‘BFF’ in the comment section as instructed. They were highly impressed after their comments turned out to be a green. And most of them shared shared the post thinking they’re doing a favour for their friends.

So This was a kind of hoax. So lets see what BFF Stands for on facebook ?  ‘BFF’ is just another word chosen by Facebook that provides a animation and coloured text upon being typed. So what is meant by BFF , It is “Best Friend Forever”. Try out following words you will see nice animations playing around on your wall.


Facebook xoxo

You’ve got this

Facebook You've got this


Facebook Congrats


Facebook Congratulations

Best Wishes

Facebook Best Wishes

You got this

Facebook You got this

Finally the word BFF


Facebook Explore Feed Missing

Facebook Explore Feed Missing, What has happend ? Facebook decided to end their Explore feed pilot project less than 4 months after its launch. And Facebook officials says they have decided to stop this feed because people didn’t want two feeds.

Explore Feed launched in last October and it designed to separate feeds from family and friends. Which generally means Explore Feed mainly consist of materials from facebook pages that the user had liked.

The test began in 2017 October and Facebook Inc had selected following countries to roll out this change. Bolivia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Slovakia,Serbie and finally Sri Lanka … (sounds pretty cool noh ) . I don’t know people in these countries catch this important change. Don’t know whether the Facebook has communicated this change to people in these countries. That could be a one reason behind their fail.

While running these types of tests facebook conducting surveys to get the feedback and they did the same with this change too. The output is “People told us they were less satisfied with the posts they were seeing, and having two separate feeds didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family,

One thing that I believe is when person landed on their facebook they mainly see News Feed. They prefer to go up and down in this main feed but only people who has curiosity might visit explore feed. So I feel you get the point most of you might lost interaction with pages that they liked. This was directly impacted for small and medium business. But what I noticed was the increase of sponsored ads. All of these sponsored ads displayed on News Feed. With this discontinuation will bring some relief to small and medium business who controls their businesses through facebook pages.

All though I’m also not a fan of Explore feed but my wife does. 🙂 .

Note : Lets look at the the countries that they selected to test this deployment. What do you think about those countries? Another question

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Yeah I know you are wondering what is the validity on ccTLD with SEO or ccTLD SEO. According to latest tweet by Google Webmaster Trend trend analyst John  Mueller google taking signals from ccTLD and search console geo settings.

So if you need to target your visitors that located in Sri Lanka the best possible way is to get .lk ccTLD and also fix geo setting on search console.

According to this statement you don’t need to consider server location is no longer.  Google might came to this kind of decision because of the evolution of cloud computing there is no point of considering server location and ip.


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to go online with your business. So the most important thing is to get
good looking domain name. I have planned to write this post after
getting considerable amount of queries about “How can we choose best
domain name”. Anyway here are some ideas to look around when purchasing a
domain name for your business.

Tip 01:
you might have idea about what kind of online stage you are looking to
build. It could be online store, about place (Hotel/restaurant), or
could be personal. So you have idea about the product or service what
you are going to offer. Try to find out some keywords relates to your
product or service. It could be 3 to 5 top keywords. Try to find some
good domain by combining those awesome keywords.By combining you might
find some great brand name for your website as well as for your

Example : Your company name might be XYZ (Pvt) Ltd. But that does not mean you have to take .com domain like www.xyz.com
. Because .com is the most popular domain extension and company from
another country which carries the same name might bought before you. You
might have chance to buy .net or .co, But my opinion is don’t try to
www.xyz.net or www.xyz.info . Because someone might think www.xyz.net is same company as www.xyz.com.
That will spoil both companies.

is why I ask to find out keywords related to your business, and try to
get a domain out of those keywords. That will brand your business more
clearly. Tip 2 explains some other incident which can occur.

Other thing what I need to mention you on this post is , There is no law or regulation on XYZ (Pvt) Ltd must maintain www.xyz.com
as the online profile. So you are feel to use any domain. But best if
you can have a domain which can give some impression about your products
or service.  

Tip 02 :   
to get unique domain name.What I mention unique domain is don’t try to
purchase something similar to popular brand. And try to own some plural
or singular version of popular or unpopular web site domain. And be sure
your domain is easy to type, remember as well as easy to pronounce.
(Short is better )

Tip 03 :
is about domain extension. There are many extension types you can buy
these days. .com, .net, .org, .co .info etc.But which is best for you.
There is no special or identical value in the domain extension with SEO
(Search Engine Optimization). But lets go more general. There is no
doubt .com it the popular. When someone  types a website address he
eventually or automatically types .com. So when you are buying domain
name it’s always better to grab domain with .com.

are country specific domain names, like .lk, .com.au, .co.nz or .co.uk.
My feedback on this is if you need to specify your business relates to
specific country then you should move to grab some thing like this. This
types of domains are called ccTLD. There are some other SEO
perspectives regarding ccTLD. I’m not going to specify those since those
are out of the scope for this article.

Tip 4:
Try to research for short domain name. Short domains can easily brand as well as easily memorizing.

Tip 5:
you creating your branded domain name, try to give some meaning about
the product range or service that you would going provide. That will
memorize your domain each and every time user use that name and even he
will introduce some new visitors for your website.

Tip 6:
Do you know you can find the history of the domain which you are planning to buy. Just visit Wayback machine at  http://archive.org/index.php
and do small search with the domain name your going purchase. If that
domain is previously used then you can get an idea about it’s history.

Note : Most of ccTLD’s are not recorded with this.

Virtual pin board service New and easy to use social media trends and tools popping up every day. And for  the best thing is every single trend and social media tool could be a big thing to your business as well as for your personal life. Today I’m going to give an introduction about new social media tool called Pinterest. Yes you are correct it’s Pinterest or Pin+Interest. Another way it is a digital pin board that you can pin what you interest from the internet. Sounds like interesting tool.. huh . Yes it is. After you got your own account from Pinterest.com you own your own Digital Pin Board which you can access anywhere. Take a look.
Virtual pin board. What is virtual pin board ?
Pinterest the vitual pin board
Pinterest is currently invite-only, you need to get an invite either your friend or Pinterest team. If you wish to get invitation by Pinterest team visit www.pinterest.com and register with your email and Pinterest team will send you  the invitation with in couple of days. Or you can ask the friends already in Pinterest network to send and invitation for you. For the time being after you receive an invitation, you can sign up and login only from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, via Facebook connect or Twitter connect. That’s maybe for security for malicious account creation.
This is really great tool for personal life, which it allows you to pin what you like. The and another interest thing is any one can repin what you like and that explains the real way or social media. Just like gossips ( Kidding …. 😀 ). Yet again this is a another good business tool. I will explain how you can play with this tool to get advantage for your business in a another post. 

After you Sign up and log in to Pinterest, you can get your “Pin It” button for you browser from http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/ just drag and drop to the bookmark bar on your browser. Whoola…. Now you are ready to pin you pinboard. If you are interest with any site that you visit just lick the “Pin it” button to add that to your virtual pin board. Happy Pinning. 

Before explore the What function meta tags do ? to lets find out What are meta tags?. Meta tags are kind of HTML tags that placed into the header on a web page, between title and body tags. There are variety of meta tags that serves various jobs. Meta tags pops out with different context such as search engine optimization. Commonly used meta tags are meta descriptions and meta keywords. I think you might heard of these or might not.
Meta descriptions is a kind of tag that can feed to search engines with little bit of information about what specific page include. Most search engines feeding their databases from this little bit of information and its only about 150 to 190 characters. You have to summarize whole page content in to 160 – 190 characters. Sounds like little bit tough but it can do. Most Search Engine Optimizers doing this really great.
For example. meta description for this page is:

<meta name=”description” content=” Meta tags are set of meta information provider for search engines and for web browsers. Common Meta tags are meta description, meta keywords. More meta tags are there, read for more”>

The next most important and widely use meta tag is meta keyword. This meta tag  feed search engines with keywords. Keywords specifically to specific web page. Explaining further, take out the context of the page and divide them to keywords preserving the most important words for that page. Take out those preserved keywords and include them in Meta keywords section.
For example. meta keywords for this page is:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”meta tags, what are meta tags, meta tags information, meta tag, html meta tags, meta description, meta keywords, search engine meta keywords ”

There are many more meta tags. Here I’m going to mention some of those.
meta http-equiv tag – HTTP response headers, widely  using for  cache control, page refresh, character set identifying.
meta refresh tag – This tag giving information to browser to refresh the page and redirections.
meta robots tag – This tag feeding information to search engines whether to index or not to index specific page.
meta copyright tag – This tag gives information to search engines about copy rights.
meta author tag– This tag used to preserve the author information to the search engine.
If you need to view what kind of meta tags used for specific web page. Simply you can view them by right click and view source in any browser.
If you are interested in more technical details about metatags and how search engines need this follow these links as well.

Google Panda is a algorithmic update that has been made by Google to their search algorithm. Google has been announced on 11th of April, 2011. But now and this is the good time to make an statement on that. Lets dig in to find out what really Google Panda is? As you all know internet consist with  full of knowledge and information. But  how many of those are really originals and how many internet publishers are originals ? In fact that’s a matter.  If we search for some keyword Google throw out loads of pages and that we called competition. But, if you believe it or not most of pages are really duplicates from some original source.  This is called content spamming or content farming. In this procedure most content spammers and content farmers copy some content from some source and publish with their own sites also doing some on page and off page optimization.  So now the trouble begins because of this kind of optimization process and link building content spammers web site gets more visits than the original publisher. So the real befit for and real credits goes to some one else other than the original author or publisher.  Years and years ago Google started to find and solution for this behavior and finally they succeed in April 2011. And they announced about Google panda to the world of internet.  After some time (about a month or two),  Internet community felt the different with Google search engine. Google has been able to filter out all the duplicate contents and passes to the bottom of the search result and original content comes up. This has been effected to most sites in and lost their search engine ranking positions, Google page rank  as well as some likes that has been generated through by Google. So this has been made huge change in internet.
Google Panda is the major algorithmic update after Google caffeine.  Because of Google Panda searches gets better results as well as most original publishers gets lot traffic. According to Google,  based on their testing , they noticed that the algorithm is working very accurate at detecting site quality. And also if you believe that your site marinating good and high quality and has been impacted by this change , Google encouraging to evaluate the your site with Google quality guidelines. This guidelines are providing helpful information for webmasters on improving their sites.
Hope you got idea about What is Google Panda and how it helps for the internet.  To end up this note more good and original content would get more traffic to your website.
Blog note about Announcing Google Panda 

According to Google and Twitter it has been recorded a peak  and  spike among the search queries  and tweets  during the time that death of Steve Jobs announced by the various media networks. However tweeter said that the number of tweets per second didn’t break new records.

Twitter has announce there has been 6,049 tweets per second at the time this incident happened and continuing throughout the day.

Here is the list below to,  Below is the list of highest Tweets Per Second which ever recorded.
• 8,868 TPS: Beyonce/MTV Video Music Awards (Aug. 28, 2011)
• 7,196 TPS: Japan Beats US In Women’s World Cup (July 17, 2011)
• 7,166 TPS: Brazil eliminated from Copa America (July 17, 2011)
• 6,939 TPS: New Year’s Eve 2011 (Dec. 31, 2010)
• 6,049 TPS: Steve Jobs death (Oct. 5, 2011)
• 5,531 TPS: Game 6 of NBA Finals, Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat (June 17, 2011)
• 5,530 TPS: Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami (March 11, 2011)
• 5,500 TPS: East Coast Earthquake (Aug. 23, 2011)
• 5,106 TPS: Osama bin Laden killed (May 1, 2011)

As you can see the news of Beyonce announcing her pregnancy during the MTV Video Music awards as the all-time record holder.

In  June 25th 2009, the time Michael Jackson death, there was only 456 TPS at that time and the real interesting thing is at that time TPS were hundreds but now its grown up to 7000 to 9000 TPS.

This is what Forbs.com reported “In fact, according to a Twitter spokeswoman, at the time the news was spreading, around 5 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday, the microblogging service’s internal data showed a rate of 6,049 tweets per second. That’s faster than people were tweeting after the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s killing (a little over 5,000 TPS), but well below the 8,868 TPS recorded during newly-pregnant Beyonce Knowles‘s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month.”

But how ever “Different Thinker” the “Great Inventor”  is no more, Not only his products were milestones ( I Mac, I Pod, I Phone, I Pad ) but also his passing away from us also a milestone to social community. As well as Steve Jobs add another new word to tech dictionary – “I Sad”. We really miss you.

Google Analytics Funnel is same as real funnel, It does same funneling process. It’s a series of pages which visitor must be pass to complete journey in a specific web site. It gives visualization on visitor activity before reaching specific goal. As a real funnel , Google analytics funnel also has most volume with funnel starting point , and it reduces along the path. Analytic Funnel visualize each and every successive pages along the funnel path. And also it shows Entrance and Abandon points specifically.

Basically the idea of introducing funnel for your web site is to get the details of how efficiently and accurately direct your visitors through the web site. Google analytic funnel visualization describe how complicated and how hard or easy to use the specific page in you web site. Google analytic funnel is a complete analysis process. You can determine what are the loosing factors of your web site or specific wab page, Such as page might not design well to be a user-friendly or user don’t get enough information from this page. You might lost lot of web site viewer from your site because of this page. Google analytic funnel is great solution to find these kind of matters.

Google analytic funnel is optional part of Analytics goals. To set up analytic funnel visualization need to set up analytic goal first. Goal conversion path should be the last step of analytic funnel. Analytic funnel visualize how many visits comes to which part of the site. and how many visitors dropped along the path and which page. Introducing funnel to e-commerce site is a good idea. For example by integrating funnel , we can determine or explore what are the negative points without being buying.  

There are many reasons that will drop off visitors from a web site. Most cases filling out unnecessary forms might be the reason to lost your visitors. Through a analytic funnel it can visualize more identically. 
To visualize these types of things the Google analytic funnel visualization might be the most appropriate tool. From this great tool you can track significant drops and reason for the lower conversion.Lets look how can we integrate this tool.

Log on to your analytic account with you analytic account user id and password.
Now you are in profiles overview page 
Choose a website profile , and click edit
Ok , now you are in “Profile Settings:” page.

In Profile Settings: page there is Goal section in middle of the page.
There are four sets of goal and , for one set of goal you can add 5 goals and 5 funnels. All together 20 goals can be integrate to one profile , if you need more goals to be introduce with your website ,  you have to create more profiles.
At there click  “Add Goal” .This will take you to the Goal page.
Now you have to include goal information in this page.Now now lets try to enter goal information.

Enter goal name , and click the  radio button to “On” mood to activate the goal. And set goal position.
Next important thing is goal type. We need to fix funnel so for funnel visualization most appropriate  goal type is, Url destination type. Select this goal type. There is more details to be fill under goal details , those are match type, goal url and goal value.
Match type is , types of matching url , the exact match option follows the exact url ,the head match follows part of url with other dynamically generated characters. You can fill out goal value if you want to. Generically every goal follow a value. This is the idea behind goal value.
After filling all necessary details, Then lets move to create funnel at the bottom of Goals

If you wish the step 1 is a required field, then just check the required field.
Now you can integrate funnel visualization. Keep it mind before forcing forward , Funnel has a specific path & This is step by step process to reach specific conversion.  You can add any amount of steps as you need. each and every step is to be unique. Must point unique url.Follow these .
Follow below steps to adding funnel .You can choose to make the first step in the funnel mandatory, by selecting the ‘Required step’ checkbox next to the funnel. If this checkbox is selected, users reaching your goal page without traveling through this funnel page will not be counted as conversions. Only users who reach the goal URL after viewing this first page will be counted as conversions. 
After filling these steps just press save Log in to your account and , select  the appropriate profile , in the left hand side there is Goals , under the goals menu , the is funnel visualization. Now you can see nice funneling picture. Just like this.

Google analytic funnel is one of the best ways that you can find errors , mismatches , inefficient factors on you web site. So hope you enjoy with Google analytic funnel.

Email signature is the signature that we can use at the bottom of  the emails. No matter which type of email you sends. It could be person to person , as well as in email fliers.Proper email signature is where you can get personal attention for your web site , phone numbers and company info.

For example generally/Traditionally we are using 

2.Company Name
4.Phone No
5.Web site.

But we can use Great email signatures as Proper email signatures with our emails. Lets think beyond the tradition. Lay outing creative email signature is pretty simple. If we think different way there are more free resources that we own to use for great email signatures free of charge. We would need to be creative more than above style to make proper email address. Why we can’t use our 

6. facebook
7. Linked In
8. twitter

links with our signature, this will make and encourage someone to follow you or your business.

There are more options to be more creative on your email campaign , you can use web site urls which has promotional products. Customer testimonial , link to promotional videos about company.

So go ahead , check and test the new way of email signatures.