Google analytics funnel & Google analytics funnel visualization

Google Analytics Funnel is same as real funnel, It does same funneling process. It’s a series of pages which visitor must be pass to complete journey in a specific web site. It gives visualization on visitor activity before reaching specific goal. As a real funnel , Google analytics funnel also has most volume with funnel starting point , and it reduces along the path. Analytic Funnel visualize each and every successive pages along the funnel path. And also it shows Entrance and Abandon points specifically.

Basically the idea of introducing funnel for your web site is to get the details of how efficiently and accurately direct your visitors through the web site. Google analytic funnel visualization describe how complicated and how hard or easy to use the specific page in you web site. Google analytic funnel is a complete analysis process. You can determine what are the loosing factors of your web site or specific wab page, Such as page might not design well to be a user-friendly or user don’t get enough information from this page. You might lost lot of web site viewer from your site because of this page. Google analytic funnel is great solution to find these kind of matters.

Google analytic funnel is optional part of Analytics goals. To set up analytic funnel visualization need to set up analytic goal first. Goal conversion path should be the last step of analytic funnel. Analytic funnel visualize how many visits comes to which part of the site. and how many visitors dropped along the path and which page. Introducing funnel to e-commerce site is a good idea. For example by integrating funnel , we can determine or explore what are the negative points without being buying.  

There are many reasons that will drop off visitors from a web site. Most cases filling out unnecessary forms might be the reason to lost your visitors. Through a analytic funnel it can visualize more identically. 
To visualize these types of things the Google analytic funnel visualization might be the most appropriate tool. From this great tool you can track significant drops and reason for the lower conversion.Lets look how can we integrate this tool.

Log on to your analytic account with you analytic account user id and password.
Now you are in profiles overview page 
Choose a website profile , and click edit
Ok , now you are in “Profile Settings:” page.

In Profile Settings: page there is Goal section in middle of the page.
There are four sets of goal and , for one set of goal you can add 5 goals and 5 funnels. All together 20 goals can be integrate to one profile , if you need more goals to be introduce with your website ,  you have to create more profiles.
At there click  “Add Goal” .This will take you to the Goal page.
Now you have to include goal information in this page.Now now lets try to enter goal information.

Enter goal name , and click the  radio button to “On” mood to activate the goal. And set goal position.
Next important thing is goal type. We need to fix funnel so for funnel visualization most appropriate  goal type is, Url destination type. Select this goal type. There is more details to be fill under goal details , those are match type, goal url and goal value.
Match type is , types of matching url , the exact match option follows the exact url ,the head match follows part of url with other dynamically generated characters. You can fill out goal value if you want to. Generically every goal follow a value. This is the idea behind goal value.
After filling all necessary details, Then lets move to create funnel at the bottom of Goals

If you wish the step 1 is a required field, then just check the required field.
Now you can integrate funnel visualization. Keep it mind before forcing forward , Funnel has a specific path & This is step by step process to reach specific conversion.  You can add any amount of steps as you need. each and every step is to be unique. Must point unique url.Follow these .
Follow below steps to adding funnel .You can choose to make the first step in the funnel mandatory, by selecting the ‘Required step’ checkbox next to the funnel. If this checkbox is selected, users reaching your goal page without traveling through this funnel page will not be counted as conversions. Only users who reach the goal URL after viewing this first page will be counted as conversions. 
After filling these steps just press save Log in to your account and , select  the appropriate profile , in the left hand side there is Goals , under the goals menu , the is funnel visualization. Now you can see nice funneling picture. Just like this.

Google analytic funnel is one of the best ways that you can find errors , mismatches , inefficient factors on you web site. So hope you enjoy with Google analytic funnel.

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