Facebook Explore Feed Missing. What happened?

Facebook Explore Feed Missing

Facebook Explore Feed Missing, What has happend ? Facebook decided to end their Explore feed pilot project less than 4 months after its launch. And Facebook officials says they have decided to stop this feed because people didn’t want two feeds.

Explore Feed launched in last October and it designed to separate feeds from family and friends. Which generally means Explore Feed mainly consist of materials from facebook pages that the user had liked.

The test began in 2017 October and Facebook Inc had selected following countries to roll out this change. Bolivia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Slovakia,Serbie and finally Sri Lanka … (sounds pretty cool noh ) . I don’t know people in these countries catch this important change. Don’t know whether the Facebook has communicated this change to people in these countries. That could be a one reason behind their fail.

While running these types of tests facebook conducting surveys to get the feedback and they did the same with this change too. The output is “People told us they were less satisfied with the posts they were seeing, and having two separate feeds didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family,

One thing that I believe is when person landed on their facebook they mainly see News Feed. They prefer to go up and down in this main feed but only people who has curiosity might visit explore feed. So I feel you get the point most of you might lost interaction with pages that they liked. This was directly impacted for small and medium business. But what I noticed was the increase of sponsored ads. All of these sponsored ads displayed on News Feed. With this discontinuation will bring some relief to small and medium business who controls their businesses through facebook pages.

All though I’m also not a fan of Explore feed but my wife does. 🙂 .

Note : Lets look at the the countries that they selected to test this deployment. What do you think about those countries? Another question

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