Google Panda is a algorithmic update that has been made by Google to their search algorithm. Google has been announced on 11th of April, 2011. But now and this is the good time to make an statement on that. Lets dig in to find out what really Google Panda is? As you all know internet consist with  full of knowledge and information. But  how many of those are really originals and how many internet publishers are originals ? In fact that’s a matter.  If we search for some keyword Google throw out loads of pages and that we called competition. But, if you believe it or not most of pages are really duplicates from some original source.  This is called content spamming or content farming. In this procedure most content spammers and content farmers copy some content from some source and publish with their own sites also doing some on page and off page optimization.  So now the trouble begins because of this kind of optimization process and link building content spammers web site gets more visits than the original publisher. So the real befit for and real credits goes to some one else other than the original author or publisher.  Years and years ago Google started to find and solution for this behavior and finally they succeed in April 2011. And they announced about Google panda to the world of internet.  After some time (about a month or two),  Internet community felt the different with Google search engine. Google has been able to filter out all the duplicate contents and passes to the bottom of the search result and original content comes up. This has been effected to most sites in and lost their search engine ranking positions, Google page rank  as well as some likes that has been generated through by Google. So this has been made huge change in internet.
Google Panda is the major algorithmic update after Google caffeine.  Because of Google Panda searches gets better results as well as most original publishers gets lot traffic. According to Google,  based on their testing , they noticed that the algorithm is working very accurate at detecting site quality. And also if you believe that your site marinating good and high quality and has been impacted by this change , Google encouraging to evaluate the your site with Google quality guidelines. This guidelines are providing helpful information for webmasters on improving their sites.
Hope you got idea about What is Google Panda and how it helps for the internet.  To end up this note more good and original content would get more traffic to your website.
Blog note about Announcing Google Panda