Now Google has better impact on SWF content … this is not new. Story begins 2008 .In mid 2008 Google announced that through a collaboration with Adobe, Google had significantly improved capability to index Flash technology based content. Google developed a new algorithm for indexing textual content in Flash files of all kinds, from Flash menus, buttons and banners, to self-contained Flash websites. And Google improved the performance of Flash indexing algorithm. Before launch Flash indexing system web designers faced a problem of presenting data via flash content. Because , robots can not follow generic flash. They have to pay extra effort to present there data and sites on search engines.
From year 2008 google have ability on index textual content in SWF files. But although not a better system. This includes Flash “gadgets” such as buttons or menus, self-contained Flash websites. How on earth Google can do this miracle ? Basically Google generates a snippet for your website. Also, the words that appear in your Flash files can be used to match query terms in Google searches. Google isn’t stop from here, Google Flash indexing algorithm has ability to discover URLs that appear in Flash files, and feeding them into our crawling queue .  This is very much similar to indexing non-Flash websites and web pages. it’s better on indexing inlinks as well.
Is there any thing special thing to do on your flash content to get index on Google ?  No absolutely you don’t need to do anything. This is good news for both web designers and for web masters. Google Flash indexing algorithm mighty enough to find and index every thing on your flash/SWF application. (But not all )
Earlier Google had problem on reading on SWF file loads with html, xml, or another SWF application. Both objects reads separately and there isn’t any combination with two files between SWF which loads in side html,xml or another SWF. But now it’s also resolved. This means when a SWF file loads content from some other file such as HTML, XML, another SWF, Google can index this external content too, and associate it with the parent SWF file and any documents that embed it.
Lets see what are the Google’s ability on reading and indexing Flash contents,
# . Index textual content displayed as a user interacts with the file. Google can click buttons and enter input, just like a normal user.
# . Discover links within Flash files.
# . Load external resources and associate the content with the parent file.
# . Support common JavaScript techniques for embedding Flash, such as SWFObject and SWFObject2.
# . Index sites scripted with AS1 and AS2, Google also index sites with AS3 as well.
If you do not want your flash content index on google , just use your robots.txt file to keep away crawlers from you. It’s simple.
From last month Google resolved some of there problem with JavaScripts , Now Google better in indexing and handling sites that use JavaScript to embed SWF content.  And also Google improved there video indexing technology now they has better detection of when a page has a video and better extraction of metadata such as alternate thumbnails from Flash technology based videos.
Still all the matters not resolved for Google. Still  they fails on indexing deep linking through SWF. And also with JavaScripts. Which means they need to work on improving indexing of SWF files executed through JavaScript.
Now Adobe & search engines like Google and Yahoo ! doing great with SWF contents. Isn’t this simply awesome !

What is link farming ? How it works ? Generally websites which contains only links with little or no quality content. The original idea is behind this concept ( link farming ) is to increase the number of sites that link or point to specific site. When search engines ranking web sites or web pages they were consider so many signals. When we talking about google they consider more than 200 signals when they ranking web site or web page. From these signals “back links ” is a one signal. So link farm is a kind of process to artificially boost rankings through link popularity. These links farms has loads of links but no valid or quality content.
These websites only existing to operate exchange of links, with the purpose of artificially increasing the popularity of other websites. It is considered as a ‘Black Hat‘ technique and it is penalized by the search engines.
Link farm is concept came to the world as result of search engine optimization. In early 1999 yahoo is the # 1 search provider in that time. and Inktomi feeding to yahoo too. As mentioned earlier link popularity is used by some search engines to help establish a ranking order for search results . And search engine optimizers in 1999 took the advantage of this. Inktomi directory is the main target.
Anyway, search engines such as Google consider link farming as a form of spam indexing. Google and other search engine bots knows to find these link farms, and have been implementing procedures to ban sites that participate in link farming, The link farming is negative SEO factor and also black hat SEO method. If you have links from link farms your site have opportunity to risk of penalty and ban from there search indexes.
There are many service providers in the industry who promise to help your site to boost up link popularity. Before selecting these type of service check what is the method they using.
If you need more about guide lines about this topic , better to follow these links.

finally don’t get caught to search engines with these type of black hat SEO methods. If you do so you may need to find some other way of doing you business with out internet support.

Speeding up website is naturally important. Why ? It help not only for site owners but also to web site users. Generally users don’t like to stay and wait in site that take too much time to respond on their request. Because they need quick information. Now Google comes to the action to help these users.
Basically Google consider over 200 signals when determine search rankings. There is new signal partner announced by google. “Site Speed”. Basically site loading time. If you are web master or blog owner you can test your site loading time in glance. There are loads of tools to check up this signal.
1 . Page Speed – Firefox/Firebug add-on that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement
2 . YSlow, – A free tool from yahoo to suggest site speed
3 . WebPagetest – shows load performance and optimization checklist.
4 . Webmaster Tools, Labs > Site Performance – if you are using google webmasters tools you have in built site speed checker in there.
Faster sites that not only improve user experience it also reduces oparational cost . Any way according to google this new signal will not effect not more than 1% of search queries.but in future it will be a definate signal when ranking sites. So now it’s time to look at and good idea to increase your web site speed. Smaller site has big opportunity from this consideration. Any way if you have big site with loads of images and videos this is the correct time to optimize those stuffs if you need to be on Google SERP’s