What does BFF Stands for on Facebook, Instagram.

What does BFF Stands for on facebook

There is a post has been circulating on Facebook saying Mark Zuckerberg has invented a security measurement keyword to identify whether your account has been hacked, That keyword is BFF. So lets see what does BFF stands for on facebook ? 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

( Image Credit – steemit.com )

Most of the people world widely used  and commented ‘BFF’ in the comment section as instructed. They were highly impressed after their comments turned out to be a green. And most of them shared shared the post thinking they’re doing a favour for their friends.

So This was a kind of hoax. So lets see what BFF Stands for on facebook ?  ‘BFF’ is just another word chosen by Facebook that provides a animation and coloured text upon being typed. So what is meant by BFF , It is “Best Friend Forever”. Try out following words you will see nice animations playing around on your wall.


Facebook xoxo

You’ve got this

Facebook You've got this


Facebook Congrats


Facebook Congratulations

Best Wishes

Facebook Best Wishes

You got this

Facebook You got this

Finally the word BFF


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