About Me

Howdy, I’m Lahiru Wijerathna and I’m SEO specialist,¬†Analytics Specialist in Sri Lanka. Currently working at Netstarter (Pty) Ltd as a Manager Search Marketing. I have started my career as a Dot Net developer in 2004 and moved to php development. I had curiosity about search engines and how they rank web sites. This is beginning of my SEO career I started learn SEO while I’m working at Cheap Bed Finder which was reservation company based in France. That was 2006.

I became SEO specialist at Cheap Bed Finder in 2007 and then to Senior SEO Specialist with Google Analytics exposure at the same company. In 2010 moved to iBCSCorp which is Utah based ecommerce solution provider. From there I got exposure to online retail industry known as ecommerce. Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Silver Stripe, WordPress are major players in the market as well as with in the company.  Platform knowladge, technnical SEO knowladge and Google Analytics were my major areas.

Down in 2012 I left from iBCSCorp to join Netstarter (Pty) Ltd which is one of the largest ecommerce solution provider in Australia. Netstarter is Gold certified magento partner and award winning firm for ecommerce sector.

As a SEO specialist I love and only practice ethical SEO process for any type of website. Ethical SEO slow but it will deliver sure results. SEO is not a web development or programming effort. It’s truly marketing, Absolutely online marketing. If, Google assumed as a sea and specifically optimized web site is a small island at there. People are searching for this island with treasure and as perfect seo specialists we need to guide and build better path to find this treasure.