Proper email signatures | Great email signatures

Email signature is the signature that we can use at the bottom of  the emails. No matter which type of email you sends. It could be person to person , as well as in email fliers.Proper email signature is where you can get personal attention for your web site , phone numbers and company info.

For example generally/Traditionally we are using 

2.Company Name
4.Phone No
5.Web site.

But we can use Great email signatures as Proper email signatures with our emails. Lets think beyond the tradition. Lay outing creative email signature is pretty simple. If we think different way there are more free resources that we own to use for great email signatures free of charge. We would need to be creative more than above style to make proper email address. Why we can’t use our 

6. facebook
7. Linked In
8. twitter

links with our signature, this will make and encourage someone to follow you or your business.

There are more options to be more creative on your email campaign , you can use web site urls which has promotional products. Customer testimonial , link to promotional videos about company.

So go ahead , check and test the new way of email signatures. 

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